This website was created and curated in order to provide a space for news and information relating to the Middle Eastern Aviation scene. Who we are is an integral part of why we created the website. The Middle Eastern Aviation industry has a unique set of identifiers. Some of the world oldest airlines are in this region, in addition to some of the newest and largest, however, those two sets don’t necessarily overlap. The introduction of low cost carriers in the region has been successful, though timid. 

Some of the older carriers are mainly ethnic carriers who cater to their immediate vicinity and their home crowd. While some of the new and larger carriers play off the geographic location and the advances in the industry to offer “super-connections”. The newer iteration has been the introduction of airlines that are looking to expand into smaller city-pairs in a region where travel has been restricted to fewer larger airports in capitals and larger cities.

In this dynamic, a great deal of work is happening, however, the traditional media, with a few exceptions has been less than keen to look into the stories. Press releases and interviews dominate the coverage. This is where we decided to step-in. Insightful and news-worthy reporting, in addition to analysis is a niche where we see we can add value

Our Authors, contributors and team are selected based on their expertise, experience and exposure. While you will occasionally read about uncommon or alternative lines of discussion, this is mainly because the airlines of the region are predominantly government owned. With freedom of speech at a real premium in this region, many of the posts have to be posted either anonymously or under pseudonyms. 

Professionals in the industry are our main source of news, but anonymous reporting has to be respected in order to encourage whistleblowing, in-depth reporting and accountability

The practice is the most effective way in getting a response out of governmental and government-like agencies in countries where freedom of information and freedom of speech is frequently mentioned but rarely practiced.

This does not relieve us from our responsibility to verify our news and to avail comments to those mentioned if needed. 


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