In the Middle East and North Africa, you will find some of the world’s largest airlines, but you will also find some of the world’s oldest. Retro Liveries is a way to celebrate the prestige and tradition that comes with that Retro Liveries Retro Liveries are a trend among airlines,Continue Reading

Peeling paint on A350

“While Boeing gains an order, the Middle Eastern Carrier cannot and should not exclude Airbus from future plans.” The A350 is no A380 Qatar Airways and Airbus Row Qatar Airways, the gulf carrier with the tumultuous reputation has grounded 21 of 53 A350 Airplanes it had received. Airbus -the EuropeanContinue Reading

Aviation Web

Welcome to Aviation Web Middle East, the latest portal dedicated to Aviation News in the Middle East. It is started as an idea to allocate open space. While most of those who operate in the same niche allocate a large portion of their content to press releases, we have chosenContinue Reading